Quality. Sophistication. Function. Affordability.

These are words we associate with Nucelle, a leader in fashion.

If you or someone you know loves a good leather handbag, purse or wallet, they will appreciate this line of Nucelle products. This is an inventory with unique and distinctive designs fitting for a broad range of tastes and fashions. Whether it's a rose pink gold purse, vocational tote bag or a patterned purple zip wallet, you expect to find something daring or conventional, subtle or bold.

All of Nucelle's productions result in bags manufactured from 100% genuine leather. While each can be used for any formal or casual purpose, each item was designed with the professional in mind. That means a bag that can be taken to work, conferences and on business trips. Nucelle develops accessories that promise to be functional, that make personal statements and will be self-expressive. As your most visible fashion accessory, the bag maker understands that you want convenience for storage and an appearance that promotes your personal style in social, fashion and economic terms. Going with a leather bag from Nucelle will accomplish all this and more, making choosing a Nucelle a safe investment.

Best of all, never go out of style with a Nucelle leather bag, purse or wallet. Each is designed to have a classic, almost timeless, look, meaning they will still be functional after current fashion trends have gone the way of the wind. They will always be professional, fun to wear and able to communicate your status.

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    Out Going Black Leather Backpack - Nucelle Backpack
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    Compact Black Leather Tote Bag - Nucelle Handbags
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    Stylish Black Leather Backpack - Nucelle Backpack
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