Jangly, tangly rings are a thing of the past with KeyMaster key organisers. No more scratched up cell phone screens, leg-poking pocket porcupines or bulky bunches, KeyMaster saves the day. These sleek KeyMaster key rings fit snugly in your purse or pocket, saving you not only valuable space, but saving your clothing's outline as well.

These aluminium alloy organisers are a wonderful blend of form and function. They are easily assembled, safely storing up to 10 keys folded neatly. A variety of colors to fit your personal fashion sense or mood, along with available custom engraving services, prove that KeyMaster is a firm believer in personalization.

Banish buyer's remorse with our no-hassle return policy. oFashion offers free shipping to Australia and low costs service to our New Zealand neighbors. Your KeyMaster key ring will arrive quickly and safely, but should you not be satisfied with your purchase, we will refund or replace it, no questions asked. We here at oFashion are dedicated to you, our customer.