KeyMaster Assembly Guide

An assembly guide to organise your keys. Keep children away from the KeyMaster it contains lots of small parts.

Parts Listimage001

Steps to Assemble the KeyMaster

Step 1: Place the 2 base screws flat on the table, approximately the same distances as on the back plate with the post facing up. image003
image005 Step 2: Insert the back plate into the 2 screw post
Step 3: Place up to 4 keys onto the post (make sure the keys face inwards). If you want to fit up to 10 keys, you are required to use the extenders.

Make sure each post is equal in height with the other (use the spacers if required) to level them out.

step-4-keymaster Step 4: Place the
top plate in position and secure with screw. Tighten the screw gently with a flathead screwdriver or a coin.
Step 5: Fold all they keys inward and you are ready to go. image021